Restoring Cargo Trailers

Restoring Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are made to take a beating. But constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays and harsh weather will shorten the roof’s lifespan. Today’s blog shows how restoring cargo trailers with Countryman Coatings (CMC) is simple and effective.

The problem

Like most other things, cargo trailer roofs suffer a gradual breakdown when exposed to the weather. Rubber roofs dry out and develop cracks. Metal roofs corrode and rust. Recently, a CMC customer needed help with his rusting cargo trailer roof. The roof had started leaking, and rust was beginning to take over the surface. He hoped restoring his roof would help him avoid having to pay thousands of dollars for another trailer.


CMC coatings are formulated just for projects like this. They offer protection from UV rays – our white silicone reflects up to 90% of sunlight. CMC coatings also provide a seamless membrane that water will not penetrate. Our Rust-Buster primer is designed to slow rust growth to the point where it is no longer an issue on the roof.

The application process for a trailer like this was simple and easy:

  1. Power wash the roof to remove all dirt and grime. Allow to completely dry.
  2. Use painter’s tape on roof edges or penetrations to protect surfaces you don’t want coated.
  3. Apply our Rust Buster primer to minimize the rust damage.
  4. Apply Heavy-Duty Silicone around roof penetrations and seams for extra protection. Allow to cure for at least 6 hours.
  5. Roll-apply Silicone Top Coat to entire roof.


Our new customer was very happy with his finished project and how easy it was to restore his trailer. He is enjoying a rust-free, leak-free roof that will allow his trailer to stay on the road for decades to come.

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Thanks for reading.