Sustainable Silicone

Sustainable Silicone

Sustainable Silicone

America has become more dedicated in recent decades to energy conservation, sustainable living, and “going green.” We’ve certainly come a long way since the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” (, a landmark book that revealed the damaging effects of chemical pesticides on the environment. Its influence was so widespread that many people now cite Carson’s work as the beginning of the “green” movement. While progress has been made on sustainable living, some argue that we still have a long way to go. Countryman Coatings’ silicone roof coatings offer numerous sustainable benefits that we will identify in this blog.

Relieving Landfills


Silicone roof coatings eliminate roof tear-offs, which offer massive environmental benefits. The EPA estimates that 230-530 million tons of construction and demolition waste are produced in America each year. Often comprising up to 20% of this waste, roofing is found in higher percentages because there are few options for diversion or recovery. By restoring roofs instead of completely replacing them, we can keep billions of tons of waste out of landfills over the decades.

Lower VOCs

In her groundbreaking book, Carson became the first to reveal to a mass audience that harsh chemicals, once they get into the environment, can wreak havoc on plant and animal life. Another sustainable measure of silicone roof coating is that it is low in harsh chemicals. CMC’s silicone roof coatings have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes our silicone ideal for use in any climate, even California – a state well-known for its strict environmental protection laws.

Energy Savings

Yet another sustainability feature in CMC’s product line is the energy savings our customers can accrue with our silicone roof coatings. Sometimes referred to as “cool roofs,” our white silicone coatings for your house can reflect up to 88% of the sun’s rays. This keeps your building’s temperature stable, which in turn decreases your energy bill. Cutting your overall energy usage is another sustainable practice that also saves you money!


Carson’s “Silent Spring” and multiple scientific studies since then have only heightened the importance of taking care of our environment. At CMC, we take pride in creating products that are environmentally friendly. Our silicone and accessories are designed to cut down on landfill waste, contain low harsh chemicals, and lower energy usage – not to mention keeping your property watertight. When one can help our planet, save you time, and save you money, we call that a win!

We appreciate you reading this week’s blog. If you have other questions about our silicone roof coatings, you can contact us here.