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Countryman Coatings

Silicone Top Coat

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Restore and renew your existing roof, extend its serviceable lifetime, and improve its overall performance with Countryman Coatings Silicone Top Coat, a 100% Silicone, high-solids, made in the USA roof coating.

"High-Solids" means that more of the material you apply on your roof will still be there when the material is cured. Many other coatings are "Low-Solids", meaning much of the coating will "flash off" during the curing process. These other coatings may claim they cover more square feet in a single gallon, but the coating cures thinner and will require multiple coats.

Because Silicone Top Coat is 100% Silicone, you can trust it to stand up to ponding water, UV rays, and the elements.


Countryman Coatings is designed to be rolled, brushed, or spray-applied directly onto your existing roof. Simply clean and dry the surface prior to application. No primer is required in most cases. Our Silicone Top Coat restores nearly any rooftop in a single application, saving you time and money. Works great over Single-ply, Metal, Spray foam, Modified bitumen, EPDM, Smooth surface BUR, Granulated cap sheet, and more.