What is Silicone Skylight Sealer?

What is Silicone Skylight Sealer?

There are countless online sources of information about silicone roof coatings. If you have more than a plain flat surface on your to-do list, however, you might see Countryman Coatings’ website and ask, “What is Silicone Skylight Sealer?” We will answer that question in this blog.

Silicone Skylight Sealer is a commercial-grade clear silicone coating system designed for use on existing fiberglass skylights. This blog will explain its advantages and how it can be applied.

How it works

While most silicone roof coatings are white, they also come in a multitude of other colors. That works fine on the actual RV or residential roof surface, but skylights need a more special touch.

Skylights should not be coated with colored silicone, because that would block natural light from penetrating the skylight. The skylight also should not be coated the same color as the rest of the roof, because that would present safety concerns. Those who walk on the roof must be easily able to see the difference between the roof and the skylight. Silicone Skylight Sealer solves these issues. It has no pigment, so it allows natural light into your RV or home. It also keeps the surface of your roof safe and watertight. It also stands up better than acrylic coatings, which are water-based and often falter when exposed to standing water.

Much like our Silicone Top Coat, this skylight coating delivers long-term protection. It resists weathering, aging, oxidation, wind-driven sand, rain and snow, the effects of ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and the temperature extremes typically found on skylights. Silicone Skylight Sealer also has fantastic elongation and tensile strength, meaning it can flex and stretch without tearing or cracking.

How to apply

Before starting your roofing project, prep the skylight by washing to remove dirt and debris. Ensure the skylight surface is completely dry before applying silicone.

Apply our Silicone Skylight Sealer with a brush or medium-nap paint roller in a single coat. The sealer cures in 1-4 hours under normal weather conditions and is tack-free in 1-2 hours.


When your residential or RV skylights need that special touch of care, Silicone Skylight Sealer delivers both safety and strength. Its clear finish allows natural light to shine through your skylights and doesn’t create safety issues because the clear skylights can be easily seen on your roof. Additionally, our commercial-grade strength delivers long-term protection against normal weathering and wear and tear.

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