Re-coating silicone: It's easier than you think

Re-coating silicone: It's easier than you think

By now, we’ve shown in our blogs that Countryman Coatings silicone roof coating is easy to apply and provides years of protection. This blog entry will show that an additional benefit to using silicone roof coating is its ability to be touched up and re-coated whenever necessary.

Everything ages

Mother Nature’s ferocity will eventually wear down any roof substrate, including silicone. The old adage that “nothing lasts forever” holds true in roofing and most other areas. If your metal roof goes bad and you want another metal roof, you will be looking at a major undertaking both in cost and in man-hours for installation.

If you have a silicone roof coating that’s showing its age, however, the fix is quite simple, effective, and inexpensive. Just apply another thin layer of silicone to the silicone that’s already there.

Yes, new silicone adheres great to an existing silicone roof.

Restore your roof

A Countryman Coatings customer reached out this week and asked us about this very topic. He applied a thin layer of silicone on his roof and had half the bucket leftover. He was happy to learn that his remaining silicone could coat his current cured silicone with ease!

In general, you should expect at least five years of protection with 15 mils of cured coating (roughly 0.015-inch) on a metal roof. You can likely get 15 years of protection with 35 mils of cured coating (0.025-inch). Our coverage guide here offers more details on the application.

Only time will tell how long your roof will last after those periods. The roof will sometimes last multiple more years, but in certain climates wear and tear will begin to show. However, this wear and tear should not be an issue since you can just re-apply another thin layer of silicone. When re-coating, all you need to do is power wash the current coating and then re-apply. It’s that simple, once again saving you considerable time and money.

Re-coating is a simple and easy way to save the life of your current roof, keep water out of your building, and keep your energy costs down for years to come!