A Satisfied Customer

A Satisfied Customer

Countryman Coatings Solves Leak Problem

A major leak had become a tricky problem for PJ Marshall in eastern Tennessee. But he turned to Countryman Coatings for a solution and is thrilled with the results.

This blog will look at the troubles PJ encountered and how he solved the problem thanks to our silicone roof coating.

The problem

His patio roof had a major leak located at a seam. The patio measures 10 feet by 18 feet and is a place for relaxing and conversation. But the leak put a damper on that.

The seam in the metal roofing overlap was 3 inches. PJ said water would travel under the seam because the pitch is minimal to save roofing height.

“My first attempt to fix the issue was to seal the seam with … caulk, but I could not get every ridge or valley in the metal to seal without removal of all the roofing screws to get under the seam. IT ALSO LOOKED TERRIBLE with the caulk on the green metal panels,” he wrote.

The solution

PJ found Countryman Coatings and sealed the seam panel in the late fall with temperatures just above 40 degrees. One of the many advantages of our product is that if you can withstand the cold and stay on the roof, silicone can probably still be applied.

“I waited until I had a day around 55 degrees so I could be comfortable (fully) installing it,” he wrote. “I just completed it when temps were around 70 on a warm east Tennessee February day.”

He bought cheap 5- and 6-inch brushes at a local store and threw them away afterward. “Cleaning them for re-use was not worth the time,” he wrote.

He also said removing the caulk he used earlier would have been “a pain.” He simply applied Countryman Coatings over the caulk for a waterproof barrier.

The rains weren’t far behind. His area has had 8 inches of rain in recent weeks, and he’s happy that the seam no longer leaks.

In addition to waterproofing, our silicone reflects nearly 90% of UV rays on a flat roof. That can limit the damaging affect those rays will have on your roof.

Final review

PJ is thrilled with the results.

“The cost of your product was worth every penny. I still have plenty left over, which I will use before the fall to apply another level of protection before the next winter,” he wrote.


PJ got the results he wanted with Countryman Coatings. He’s now able to enjoy his patio – even when it rains – because his roof is now completely sealed.

Thank you for reading. For more information on Countryman’s silicone roof coatings, you can contact us here.